The Light Within

The word “namaste” roughly translates to “the light within me honors the light within you.” Beautiful, right? A really awesome way to view the world and everyone in it.

But what is this light within? Can we find it? Can we become the light within?

There are voices in your head, incessantly chattering at you. They narrate your day; they have an opinion about everything. Your parents are in there somewhere, I bet. And your exes. But mostly the voices are yours.

There are Oscar the Grouches in there too, always threatening to drag you into their garbage cans. They are the refuse from your life’s prior painful events. They are just about the opposite of the light within.

Your head is like the NASA control room at Houston, a roiling hive of frenetic activity replete with shrill, peripatetic voices competing for your attention.

You spend far too much time listening to the ravings of these lunatics. It is time to tune them out.

Somewhere way in the back of the control room, way in the back of your head, is the part of your mind that does not participate in these frenetic conversations, but merely observes them. Find that person. The one who truly isn’t part of the show, but merely watches it.

The light within you is the part of you that watches the show. The one who is aware. That’s the real you. The true self. The light.

You are not your thinking mind. You are the one who is aware of your thinking mind.

You are not defined by your emotions. You are the one who observes them.

At your purest essence, detached from the garbage in your mind, you are a bright shining light full of energy and peace and love and happiness. You are the one who observes with joy. You are the light within.

The true you, the light within, is the one with the power to objectify and detach from your thoughts and emotions. To become the light within, focus on leaving the show for a while. Don’t participate; just watch. Shed your thoughts and emotions and look at them from a distance. They are not you. They are some separate thing you can observe.

Cultivate the light within. Attend to it. Visualize it. Become it.

If you have never found the light within before, welcome to the new center of your universe! If you choose to, you can reside here for the rest of your life.

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