• “[Brent] was truly excellent. He was fun, funny and entertaining. He offered far more useful content than 95% of speakers. Please tell him how much I appreciated the tremendous value that he delivered to his audience. I learned a lot.”
    – Mark Fitzgerald, President, Sandler Training Institute
  • “[Brent is] a hit!  We’ve had strongly positive
    responses from everyone.”

    – Edgar Hill, Director, USF Polytechnic
  • “I found the presentation to be a great primer on [IP] law, the delivery spectacular and professional.”
    – Gary Carman, attorney
  • “Great presentation, very interesting and skillful…
    [Brent’s] technique is superb.”

    – Barbara Grazul Hubbard, Director, Eckerd College
  • “[Brent] always seems to inspire me to do good and to be great!”
    – Nassim Shamsideen, entrepreneur
  • “Brent made an excellent presentation.”
    – Charles T. Wells, fmr. Chief Justice, Florida Supreme Court

Brent Britton is not your father’s Oldsmobile. He is a commanding speaker. And way more fun than you’d expect from a lawyer.

Sez Brent: “When you’re on stage holding the attention of a willing audience… those people will never get that time back, so you owe it to them to entertain and thrill and inspire them. Plus due to unfortunate parenting I have a deep, latent need to be adored, so I generally go the distance to obtain that result.”

You will laugh. You might actually cry.

You will definitely think.

The folks who own these logos did.


Best Sellers

  • Intellectual Property Law for the Uninitiated – Patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets. What are they, how do you get them, how do you use them, and how do you not infringe everyone else’s? Think you can survive the 21st century without knowing this stuff?
  • Top Ten Legal Issues for Businesses – What you need to know before you start paying lawyers.
  • Know What You Own, Own What You Know – You need to manage your IP like you manage your cash flow. This talk covers the lifecycle of innovation, from idea capture to IP strategy to maintaining a fully-audited IP portfolio. A must for any growing company.
  • Social Media Risks & Rewards – Social Media accelerates and magnifies all human behavior, from the sacred to the profane. Tricky, right? This talk reflects deeply on the cosmology and anthropology of humanity’s headlong rush into the undiscovered country.
  • ideas2happy – The Changing (Smiley) Face of Business – To maximize shareholder wealth, do not focus on shareholder wealth maximization.  Focus on customer satisfaction instead.  Wanna get rich? Keep your customers smiling.
  • Playful Detachment – Impossible is an opinion. Take control. Act now. Don’t wait. Do it now. You have potential. It’d be a sin to waste it. This talk starts with the big bang. It ends with a banned commercial.
  • Put On Your Own Oxygen Mask Before Helping Those Around You (and other Life Lessons I’ve Learned on Airplanes) – How to run a company, using nifty aviation metaphors.
  • ideas2money – Start Up Your Startup – An easy recipe for launch.
  • Life’s a Pitch – How to pitch to venture capitalists and angels.
  • Are You A Lawyer? No? Then Shut Up. – The lies you believe about the rules that govern you.

Pick a topic. Pick an audience. Add Brent. Shake and serve.

Booking Information

To book Brent, please call 813.609.2901 or email (bcjb@dlphlaw.com) him directly.


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