A nation adrift

Ever paused to reflect on the odd nature of jurisdiction? The rules that govern your behavior change as you move to different sections of the earth’s crust. Don’t like the rules here? Go stand on another rock.

Land-centric provincialism seems increasingly archaic in the age of the internet, a truly global village where the rock you’re standing on is neither obvious nor relevant to your participation. But I’d wager it’s not going away on anything less than a truly tectonic timescale, however.

Turns out, as discussed in this discovery.com article, if you actually lose your hunk of rock (say, beneath the waves of an ever-encroaching sea of glacial melt water), then you risk losing your right to be a country. No land, no sovereignty. When your territorial waters overtake your territory, you go from being a king to a serf.

Or, um, a surf.

My advice to the soon-to-be modern-day Atlantisians? Get yourself a Noah. Or perhaps a NOAA.

Or, build yourself a tall platform and move up in the world.

2 thoughts on “A nation adrift

  1. Mark Regan

    “The rules that govern your behavior change as you move…” This does make you think, I agree. The parallel there in today’s world is “the rules that govern your ethics change as you the technologies change”. While not a quote from someone famous, it is exhibited now as the technologies remove anonymity and reputation begins to matter more online as it synchronizes with the offline world.

    As the web grows it more and more closely matches the offline world by demoting the shills and rewarding relationships.

    Just had to put that out there.

    Nice work, Brent!

  2. я пошел в клубную музыку…

    Don’t like the rules here? Go stand on another rock…..

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