Why Florida?

Today’s nytimes suggests that Florida is poised to be the next hotbed of venture capital activity.  The fact that I moved here not long ago is no coincidence.  😉 When people think about high technology in the southeastern United States, people think of Atlanta or research triangle in Raleigh-Durham.  They don’t think of Florida.  But …

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crowdsourcing the news

This comment on a Techdirt article about the future of TV news got me a-thinkin…  Why can’t we completely crowdsource the news in real time?  Is there a site that aggregates live feeds from people on the scene?  News anchors and the commentariat can do their thing and promote their agendas, ok, but I am source-agnostic about …

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Contracts, Simplified

Portions of the below are from a forthcoming article in the [Tampa] Bay Area Business Magazine. If you’re going to start a Company 2.0, you’re going to memorialize your agreements with the other folks helping you out. You’ll need some contracts. Most contracts have two parties, a buyer and a seller.  When you boil an …

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