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Copyrightability of recipes

Copyright protection attaches to original, creative works of authorship.  If a recipe is copyrighted, the copyright holder can usually sue anyone who copies it without permission. Recipes typically have 2 sections: 1. the list of ingredients, and 2. the mixing & prep instructions. 1. Plain lists of ingredients are not copyrightable, or the protection, if…

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What VC’s want in a software/services startup

Here are some notes from a seasoned entrepreneur who attended this SDForum VC Roundatble event last night in Palo Alto featuring the following panel:  Rebecca Lynn (Morganthaler Ventures), Evan Liang (Shasta  Ventures) and Rohit Gupta (Opus Capital). Comments re. what VC’s are seeking in a software/services startup: subscription models are favored; free first, subscription later …

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