I look forward to hearing from you at:

bcjb at corexlegal dot com
bcjb at media dot mit dot edu

or call me at 813.452.2001 or 813.508.5042

or, if you prefer, find me at linkedin, twitter, or facebook.


4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. […] but you may learn something about these topics. If you want legal advice, you’ll just have to contact him. The blog is where Brent can communicate his knowledge through informational content. People who […]

  2. I ran across your website and saw the post you did on “lawyers in the cloud” and I would love to hear your thoughts. I work for a startup that specializes in Private Cloud Computing (dedicated hardware, no shared info, etc). Some of the lawyers we have spoken to really like the idea, but most know little, to nothing, about “the cloud.” I know Gray Robinson is a good sized firm but you wouldn’t by chance know Bill Grimm? He has been a professor of mine at Crummer Grad School in Winter Park. Hope all is well, best.
    Tyler Wayland

  3. Brent;

    Thank you for the gift of your writings.

    Kind regards,


  4. Thank you for coming over to our Meet-up of Aspiring Writers in Tampa last night. We enjoy talking “legal intellectual shop” with you and suggest that anyone with serious intellectual legal issues in the Tampa Bay area and beyond contact you.

    Professor M. C. Bob Leonard

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