For work, Brent helps people start companies, obtain intellectual property, manage innovation, and do deals. He has been a technology lawyer since 1994. He is an adjunct professor of creativity and innovation in entrepreneurship at USF, Tampa. He was once young, hip, cool, and fun, but these days, he is slightly less young.

Brent is a founder or co-founder of:

  • 2013, Renewable Energy Importers, Tampa — importer of used motor and vegetable oils for recycling;
  • 2013, Moore’s Cloud, Tampa and Sydney, Australia — manufacturer of the world’s smartest Christmas lights;
  • 2011, Gazelle Lab, Tampa Bay — TechStars startup accelerator and venture fund;
  • 2009, DealerWizard, Tampa — maker of automotive dealership management software;
  • 2009, Lextrovert, Tampa — provider of crowdsourced continuing legal education (defunct);
  • 2009, LawMachine, Tampa and San Francisco — lawyer-client matching site (defunct);
  • 2007, VerifIP, Tampa — maker of intellectual property portfolio management software;
  • 1997, Britton, Silberman & Cervantez, San Francisco — technology law firm (acquired);
  • 1996, Light Intertainment Corporation, Los Angeles — one of Hollywood’s first website design firms (acquired);
  • 1991, Britton Enterprises, Boston — software engineering consultancy (defunct);


  • 1981, The Howland Job Bank, Howland, Maine — Odd job matching service for teens.

For fun, Brent plays classical piano, lifts weights, and runs. He also writes and speaks frequently on nearly any subject presented. He lives in Tampa, Florida, but spends as much time as possible in San Francisco.

Learn more about Brent on his slideshare page, his law firm bio, his linkedin page, his twitter feed, and his facebook page.

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  1. RE: Your and the SP Times article
    Dear Mr. Triqaux,

    Thank you for the article in today’s SP Times.

    We are all in the same boat in Tampa Bay; therefore

    the following challenge also includes you, your colleagues and your newspaper.

    Keep up the good words, we are all in that boat in Tampa Bay – we hope they will help cut the snagged anchor lines and get us back underway ….


    To: All Tampa Bay Metro Market Media, editors, educators, business, political and EDC leaders, architects- engineers… citizens – what are your ten best that will take Tampa Bay to the TOP?
    Re: The Clean Millennium –

    Here are our Top Ten ten, please share your Top Ten.

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    4. Support the start-up of University based think tanks, make them happen.

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    7. Help end the failing duopoly, register as a NPA voter [the goal is 33.4% NPA voters by 2012].

    8. Establish a 2100 Blueprint – design what the Tampa Bay metro market will look like at the end of this century.

    9. Support the 21st Century’s first global airport; the Florida Global Airport [FGA] to be built in the four corners area of West Central Florida.

    10. Create a Clean Millennium BAYWORLD.

    Neil Cosentino
    Director, Camelot Florida
    Camelot Florida@verizon.net
    Camelot Florida is a public interest think tank;
    our VMG vision mission goal is Florida first in quality of life.

    “Leadership fails if afraid to fail”

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